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Email Marketing CT Consulting for Kamco by Web Solutions
CT Email Marketing Consultants

The most effective way to turn one-time clients into repeat visitors is through the use of email marketing. Any organization can benefit from connecting with both existing and prospective customers through this cost-conscious marketing tool. Web Solutions can implement your email campaign to include:

  • Tactical definition of target audience(s) and frequency of distribution
  • Creation of distribution schedule and email themes
  • Custom HTML email template design
  • Development of email content and "tie-in" content within the site
  • Tracking and analyzing open and click-through rates
  • Management of email lists, opt-outs and residual sign-ups
  • Residual modifications to campaign strategies and site tie-ins

There has never been a better time to contact Web Solutions to discuss how a tactical email marketing campaign can provide you with a meaningful client communications platform.