With our hosting, your website lives in a secure and stable environment.

We understand the importance of your web properties. That’s why we provide asp.net and WordPress hosting complete with the servers and ancillary equipment critical to meeting your technology needs.

Hosting Frameworks:

ASP.NET, SQL Server, PHP, IPSwitch & Barracuda
  • Microsoft Windows servers (ASP.Net)
  • Microsoft SQL database technology
  • PHP / WordPress hosting
  • Email hosting via Imail server software by Ipswich
  • Barracuda spam filtering
  • Daily full and incremental backups

Data Center Details:

  • Fully redundant tier 1 backbone connections
  • Self-healing wide area network
  • Multiple power and networking connections
  • Two divergent electrical substations
  • External buffer corridor and biometrics access to data center
  • Bonded security staff 24 x 365 and 52 video surveillance cameras
  • Cybertrust service provider certification and SAS 70 type II certification
SAS 70 Type 2 Certified