Identity design is the most important aspect to the visual representation of your brand.

A solid brand identity communicates who you are at first glance.

Identity design for Middlesex Community College
Middlesex Community College (MxCC) logo family

Our creative team can help you develop or refresh your brand’s identity. We’ll start with exercises in identity development to get to know your organization, and we’ll listen to your company goals to understand how you’d like to be perceived by customers. With this foundation, we can build a logo that represents you and shape an identity that grows with your business.

  • Initial creative consultation: deeper insights into your organization’s identity
  • Brand audit: review the visual representation of your brand
  • Logo design: develop a new logo for your organization
  • Logo refresh: update your logo to look more contemporary while retaining your brand recognition
  • Stationery: incorporate your logo, brand colors, typography, and visual elements into business cards, letterheads, envelopes and more
  • Brand standards: guidelines that define the appropriate use of your brand

Through the use of logos, colors, typography, icons, and visual elements, our design team will develop a strong and unique identity to represent your company.

Web Solutions' logo design samples
A sample of Web Solutions’ logo designs.