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Choosing the Best Social Platforms for Your Business

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As an industry leader, you don’t just need a presence on social media – you need a targeted strategy that continues to enhance your reputation. With this in place, social media is a great way to stay relevant with your audience and keep you at top of mind.

Each social media platform allows you to share helpful information, form a more genuine relationship with customers, and demonstrate that you’re an active, industry-leading company.

But with new platforms coming to the stage each year, it can be tough to feel confident about choosing the right outlets for building an audience and driving engagement.

Knowing how to use each social outlet for your business will help you:

  • Make your time worthwhile
  • Connect with relevant people
  • Feel comfortable managing campaigns
  • Build your audience

From Facebook to Pinterest, there are tons of ways you can share resources and personality with your customers. Finding the right tools for your company and knowing what content you have available to share is the first step.

To choose the best social profiles and continue to develop captivating content, here is a compilation of the most popular platforms, industries, and post suggestions to help you build that customer relationship.


  • Remains most popular social media platform across all ages and internationally – it’s a must-have!
  • Focus on building a community and sharing resources
  • Highest ROI for social advertising

Best Industries:

  • Food/dining
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion/style
  • Beauty/health
  • Service industry
  • Religious groups
  • Parenting information
  • Non-profits

Content Strategy:

  • People are looking for a more personal connection on Facebook
  • People like and share photos most often
  • Post pictures, contests, articles, and coupons
  • Promote local check-ins or visits that will show up on users’ profiles
  • Link to blog content, press releases, and case studies
  • Opportunity to give something in return for engaging on Facebook (e.g., coupon code)
  • Keep posts 80% resources and content and 20% sales
  • Promote key posts through Facebook Ads
  • Best time to post: Early mornings and after work
  • How often to post: 1-5 times per week

Facebook Post Idea:

Post a picture of your employees at a company party, in the warehouse, or on the production floor. Add a business-specific photo caption or customer service message. This will help put a face to the name and form a more genuine relationship with your followers.


  • Where people go for breaking news
  • Posts must be shorter than 140 characters
  • Best for customer service
  • Challenge is staying noticed in the feed and posting frequently enough to be seen
  • Might be more challenging for small businesses and non-profits

Best Audiences:

  • Business/industry
  • Brands/companies
  • Technology
  • News

Content Strategies:

  • Curate content from other industry professionals
  • Share tips and advice in your field
  • Share photos to stand out
  • Share time-sensitive data
  • Respond to your followers using their Twitter handle (e.g., @websolutionsCT)
  • Use hashtags (#) to join conversations and find followers
  • Best times to post: Lunchtime and between 5-7pm
  • How often to post: 1-8 times per day

Twitter Post Idea:

Promote an upcoming trade show with the right hashtags and post a secret offer to only your followers. It will drum up excitement for the trade show and make sure people come by your booth.


  • Best for professional businesses and networking
  • Good for hiring and HR
  • Establishes thought leadership and prestige in your field
  • You can join as a company or as an individual
  • You can connect with professional groups and networks

Best Industries:

  • Professionals
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Designers

Content Strategies:

  • Share business strategies and related articles
  • Encourage your employees to join your company network
  • Only form genuine, professional relationships
  • Ask employees to share business content
  • Endorse and recommend people you’ve worked with
  • Comment on news and articles in your industry
  • Best times to post: After dinner when people are not at work
  • How often to post: 1-5 times per week

LinkedIn Post Idea:

Post a link to your recent case study with an introductory paragraph about why it’s impactful for your industry. Share the post on your page, company page, and relevant groups you’re a part of. Your colleagues and clients will recognize you as an expert in the field.


  • Similar to Facebook or LinkedIn depending on industry
  • Google+ is tied to Google (and to your Google Local page) so consider it good for SEO

Best Industries:

  • Local businesses
  • Anyone who values search ranking
  • Business/industry
  • Technology

Content Strategy:

  • Share photos, company news, and industry articles
  • Curate content from other industry professionals and +1 their content
  • Share tips and advice in your field
  • Share photos of your business or product lines
  • Add other people to your circles and interact
  • Best times to post: Around lunchtime and 5:00 pm
  • How often to post: 1-5 times per week

Google+ Post Idea:

Share a link to your recent blog post with an insightful brief and relevant photo. People will click to read your article and +1 (recommend) it to their friends, followers, and Google!


  • Picture based link and resource sharing
  • Predominantly women (92%)
  • Users “Pin” photos that they like to various organization/project boards (i.e. Recipes)

Best Industries:

  • Fashion and beauty
  • Home improvement
  • Health and fitness
  • Restaurants
  • Retail and eCommerce

Content Strategy:

  • Write powerful blog posts or how-to’s and tie to an infographic or relevant image
  • Use powerful imagery
  • Create images yourself via canva.com
  • Create your own “Boards” and share your brand/interest with followers
  • Best times to post: Weekends in the evenings
  • How often to post: Weekly

Pinterest Post Idea:

Launch your new product line via Pinterest with links to each of your product pages. People will repin and click the photos – growing your audience and bringing website visitors.

Your company doesn’t need to have a presence on every social media outlet in order to be seen and heard. Pick one or two platforms that speak to your business and the content that you’re already creating (or can easily start creating). Build your audience by sharing helpful resources and forming a genuine relationship.