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Whether you’re looking to increase revenue, improve social engagement, boost website traffic, or bring in more leads and conversions, we make your goals our own.

  • 187% Increase in Leads

    Lifeway Mobility 187% increase in leads year over year

  • 500 Likes/Month

    Lipper International Average of 500 new Facebook likes per month

  • 2,000 Likes/Campaign

    Hole in the Wall Gang Camp Average of 2,000 Facebook likes per ad campaign

  • 122% Revenue Increase

    Munson’s Chocolates 122% year over year increase in revenue from email marketing

  • 198% Customer Increase

    Solo Horton 198% increase in new customers over one year

  • 779% Return on Ad Spend

    GCI Outdoor 779% return on ad spend over 6-month Google Shopping Campaign

  • 186% Increase in Organic Traffic

    GCI Outdoor 186% increase in organic traffic in one year

  • 59% Increase in Organic Traffic

    Multi/Cable 59% increase in organic traffic over one year

  • 1,200% Social Engagement Increase

    Boston O&P 1,200% increase in social media engagement in their first month

  • 165% Increased Page Reach

    Kent Scientific 165% increase in page reach in first month of new Industry Insights social media campaign

  • 91% Increased Traffic

    Evans Cooling 91% increase in traffic on current site

  • 41% Conversions Increase

    Ripe Craft Juice 41% increase in conversions on current site