PRIA Appeals Launches New Website for Patient Advocacy and Insurance Appeals

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PRIA Appeals offers patient advocacy and insurance appeals for individuals who have been denied insurance coverage for necessary medical procedures, including bariatric surgery, cancer treatments, and more.

PRIA Appeals was founded in 2020, when Lindstrom Obesity Advocacy was acquired by PRIA Healthcare, a company dedicated to giving patients and providers access to the latest medical technologies and procedures. Lindstrom Obesity Advocacy was founded in 1996 by lawyer and insurance law expert Walter Lindstrom after he successfully appealed his own insurance claim denial for gastric bypass surgery and wanted to help others who were struggling to get coverage for weight loss surgery.

PRIA wanted an all-new website for PRIA Appeals to explain what it does, describe how the insurance appeals process works, educate consumers about patient appeals, and encourage patients and providers to contact PRIA Appeals for a free case assessment.

Web Solutions built a new WordPress website with an updated design to match the main PRIA website, which was developed by Web Solutions in 2018. The site includes an Our Story section describing the history of how Lindstrom Obesity Advocacy became PRIA Appeals, as well as information for patients and providers on the insurance appeal process and how PRIA Appeals can help people who have been denied coverage for necessary care.

"The Web Solutions team took the time to understand a unique market and was able to do a great job of giving our target audience a good understanding, in layman’s terms, of what we are offering," said Michael T. Simon, founder and CEO. "I love the new site—it’s beautiful, easy to navigate, and I think it captured exactly what we want it to capture."

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