Web Design

We build visually stunning websites that elevate your brand, engage visitors, and create conversions.

Our website design execution emphasizes an attractive and consistent look and feel, intuitive layout and navigation, clear and effective communication, and an accessible, responsive environment.

Web Design Web Design
Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design

A website should capture the essence of your brand and act as an online ambassador for your business. Our custom web design process begins with brand research and collaboration on website architecture and visual style, with strict adherence to best practices for user interface design. The result is a website that reinforces your brand's persona and delivers a positive user experience.

  • Color exploration and style boards
  • Wireframes and page layouts
  • Stylesheets and page templates
  • Collaborative review and revisions
  • Usability evaluations

UX & UI Design

User satisfaction is the driving force behind all the websites we create–we design everything with the user in mind. Our CT web design team takes the time to understand your customers’ needs and goals to ensure your website provides the best possible experience to enhance user satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Site architecture and wireframes
  • Customer journey maps
  • Buyer persona development and refinement
  • Navigational components and calls to action
  • Copywriting and messaging
UX & UI Design
Group 2 Responsive & Mobile Design

Responsive & Mobile Design

We specialize in responsive web design, creating websites specifically designed to automatically adjust to every screen size. Our mobile-friendly design process ensures your website will display perfectly and work seamlessly on all screen sizes, offering an excellent user experience across all platforms and devices.

  • Mobile-friendly page layout
  • Mobile-optimized nav bar and buttons
  • Page speed optimization
  • Simplified forms
  • Click to call and link to map

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