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A Clean Layout and CMS Platform for the Middlesex Community College Foundation

Web Solutions is pleased to present the redeveloped website of the Middlesex Community College (MxCC) Foundation, a non-profit public charity that raises, manages and distributes scholarship funds for MxCC students.

The primary focus of the website redevelopment was to make the site easily manageable – a goal for which Web Solution's CMS platform was the perfect fit. The platform is a convenient tool for editing pages sitewide, while Apps make it simple to add upcoming events to the Foundation's calendar or highlight a recent news item.

And thanks to an easy-to-use photo gallery module, the MxCC Foundation can now organize and share snapshots from the many events and ceremonies they host or sponsor each year.

The website redevelopment also gave the Foundation a chance to move away from their previous design and towards a cleaner, more user-friendly interface with a refreshed color palette.

Whether it's a 5k road race, a golf tournament, or the annual Red Moon Fest, the new website has all the information on how you can support Middlesex Community College – visit it today at http://mxcc.edu/foundation/.