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How to Use Live Video to Promote Your Business

How to Use Live Video to Promote Your Business

The popularity of live video continues to grow, with live video expected to account for 17% of all internet traffic this year and the live streaming market estimated to hit $184.27 billion by 2027. 

While celebrities and individuals started the live video trend, businesses are now on board with a vengeance. According to the State of Video Marketing 2021, 86% of businesses use video for marketing, and 96% plan to either increase or maintain their level of video use going forward.

Not only is live video a great way to reach customers and personalize a business brand, live video gives businesses a low-cost way to increase engagement with their target audience. According to Conviva's State of Streaming, live video generates 27% more minutes of watch time.

Here’s how to make live video work for your business.

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<span>How to Use Online Surveys</span> to Increase Customer Loyalty

How to Use Online Surveys to Increase Customer Loyalty

Do you know what your customers want? Online habits and preferences have changed over the past couple years, and customer surveys are one of the best ways to understand your audience so you can better meet their needs and convert them into loyal customers.

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<span>How to Map the Customer Journey</span> on Your Website

How to Map the Customer Journey on Your Website

Do you know how your customers are using your website? Website analytics can give you some information, but the best way to develop a holistic understanding of what customers experience when using your website is to create a customer journey map.

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<span>Spring Clean Your Marketing</span> for 2022

Spring Clean Your Marketing for 2022

The world has changed: has your marketing kept up? Now that spring is officially here, it's the perfect time for a fresh look at your marketing plan, tactics, and strategy. In the spirit of spring cleaning, here are 9 things you can do now to improve your marketing efforts.

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<span>How to Conduct</span> a Social Media Audit

How to Conduct a Social Media Audit

Is your social media marketing strategy working? The fastest way to find out is with a social media audit. A social media audit will give you a comprehensive overview of all your social media marketing efforts, enable you to keep track of key information and performance, and help you identify opportunities for improvement.

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