Your brand is your identity as a company–it communicates your purpose, your personality, and the value you offer your customers.

Our branding agency will work with you to develop a well-differentiated brand that projects the right image, inspires your target audience, and conveys your message with a strong, unique voice.

Branding Branding
Brand Audits

Brand Audits

Is your brand an effective representation of your company, or does it feel outdated, inconsistent, or inaccurate? We will conduct a thorough examination of your existing identity, brand elements, and marketing materials to truly understand your company, do a detailed analysis of what works and what doesn't, then make recommendations to maximize the effectiveness of your brand.

  • Competitor analysis
  • Market positioning
  • Brand awareness
  • Mission and goals

Brand strategy

Brand strategy defines what you stand for and the value you offer, and uses your unique personality to motivate customers to establish a meaningful connection with your brand. We'll help you create and execute a well-defined, long-term plan to increase the strength of your brand and reach your goals.

  • Competitive positioning
  • Brand purpose and brand promise
  • Brand values and vision
  • Customer personas
Brand Strategy
Group 2 Logo Design

Identity & Logo Design

A logo is an extension of your brand, and should be a unique and powerful mark to identify your company and make you instantly recognizable to your customers. Our design team can create a strong, memorable logo or update an existing logo to improve your image while still maintaining a coherent, consistent brand.

  • Industry and competitor research
  • Color exploration
  • Creative consultation
  • Icons and typography

Voice & Messaging

Your brand voice sets the tone for your messaging and creates the overall impression you want your customers to have of your company. Using your messaging priorities and communications goals, we'll help you create a strong, consistent, individual voice that conveys your company's value and gets people excited about your brand.

  • Positioning statement
  • Messaging architecture
  • Brand attributes
  • Brand guides
Brand Messaging

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