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Visitor Pass Solutions, a product of the Farmington, CT-based Data Management, Inc. (DMI), are capable of providing enhanced security for schools, hospitals, corporations and government agencies. Their catalog of affordable solutions for visitor management includes badges that self-expire by changing colors. After redeveloping their website last year, Web Solutions is pleased to showcase these innovative products.

DMI approached Web Solutions with an interest in creating a single, consolidated website with an integrated e-commerce platform for their entire line of Visitor Pass Solutions products. Web Solutions built the new website around its CMS platform, which allows DMI staff to quickly and easily edit the site's content as needed, with no downtime. And with its clean, professional design and intuitive navigation system, the new website gives Visitor Pass Solutions a leading edge in the security products industry.

"The Visitor Pass Solutions badges are a simple but really innovative way for organizations to increase their security," said Tom Barton, Principal of Web Solutions. "This is a product with unlimited opportunities for expansion, and our e-commerce platform has the ability to grow and evolve according to the company's needs. It was a great fit right from the start."

Learn more about the Visitor Pass Solutions product line today by visiting the new website: http://www.visitorpasssolutions.com