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Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges Launches New Website


Web Solutions is excited to announce the launch of Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges' new website.

The Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges (CCIC), located in Farmington, CT, represents sixteen nonprofit member colleges and universities in Connecticut through work including government relations, public policy development, research analysis, communications and coordinated member services.

Judy Greiman, president of CCIC, looked to Web Solutions for a complete website redesign and development of an easy-to-use content management system that would enable them to make quick and easy updates to the content on the website. 

"Central to our organization is the compilation and publishing of important data, research and legislative updates. In order to effectively inform our constituencies of up-to-date information, we needed a website that we would give us the ability to add content like add graphs, news articles, testimony and press releases in a way that was easy to do and quick to learn," commented Greiman. "In addition to editing functionality, we attract all sorts of visitors — legislators, college representatives, students, parents — and required a site structure that would segment these groups and presented them with relevant information in an easy-to-digest manner."

Web Solutions' CMS and simplified functionality gave CCIC the capabilities they needed to take control of their content and keep it fresh. In addition to technology advancements, Web Solutions came up with a design that gave target audiences a clearer navigational path and showcased the most important data on the primary pages.

Greiman summarized the new design as "engaging but simple, without too many distractions. We have received many compliments about the look and the ease of use of the new site." As for the new technology, "we were able to step in, day one, and make edits to the content without missing a beat."

Learn more about CCIC's initiatives and research, and check out the new website design today at www.theccic.org.