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Lean Transformation Group Takes Its Website to the Next Level

Lean Transformation Group
Lean Transformation Group
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As a consulting firm focused on helping organizations transform themselves and improve operational performance, Lean Transformation Group (LTG) is no stranger to change. With the launch of its new website, LTG experienced a positive change of its own.

LTG wanted its new site to be easy to navigate and to explain what they do and how they help their corporate clients—a site they would be proud to share at the many workshops and events they attend.

Built in the Web Solutions CMS Platform, the new site fulfills LTG’s goals of providing potential customers with a professional online presence with an attractive user interface that effectively delivers their message.

One key item on LTG’s website wish-list was that it accurately illustrate LTG’s unique approach to the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Adjust) Management Cycle. Rather than using the process in a two-dimensional way focused on a single problem, LTG applies the PDCA process to the learning process itself, which enables it to not only solve problems, but to refine and improve the way it solves problems.

To represent this unique methodology, Web Solutions designed an animated illustration to show how the process works.

For more information on Lean Transformation Group, visit the new website at www.lean-transform.com.