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Lifeway Mobility Opens for Business with New Website

Lifeway Mobility
Lifeway Mobility
Lifeway Mobility
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Lifeway Mobility, a supplier of accessibility equipment such as ramps, stair lifts and bath safety solutions, was founded to help people with limited mobility live and move safely in their homes. Unlike companies that merely sell mobility accessories, Lifeway Mobility conducts assessments for homes, businesses and municipal buildings—not just for the purpose of selling products, but also to make suggestions for how to make the environment safer and easier to navigate.

As a relative newcomer to the industry, Lifeway wanted its new website to provide information on the company and the unique services it provides to four groups of customers—consumers, clinician referrals, caregivers, and contractors/architects.

Web Solutions worked with Lifeway to create a brand and logo, establish personas and investigate the competitive space, then got to work on the website. Web Solutions built the new Lifeway Mobility website in WordPress, focusing on creating a clean, easy to navigate design. “We have received many positive comments on how easy the site is to navigate, as well as its clean, professional look and intuitive flow,” said Paul Bergantino, president of Lifeway Mobility. Ecommerce on the site was enabled with WooCommerce, allowing Lifeway Mobility to sell some smaller over-the-counter mobility accessories direct on its website.

According to Bergantino, Lifeway Mobility’s experience with Web Solutions was a positive one. “The knowledgeable Web Solutions team members make it easy and efficient to work with them,” he said. “As we progressed through the stages of our process—from creating a brand to designing brochures, developing our website and now in the digital marketing phase—we were assigned a specialist point person for each function. Our multiple step project closed on budget! Most importantly, the Web Solutions team actions follow their words.”

To learn more about Lifeway Mobility, visit their website at www.lifewaymobility.com.