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Mather & Pitts Insurance Gets Coverage on the Web

Mather & Pitts Insurance, Inc. makes it their business to give customers fresh beginnings after an accident or natural disaster. This year, the company started off with a fresh beginning of their own—a new look, in the form of a revitalized website.

Mather & Pitts

Mather & Pitts consulted Web Solutions with an interest in a streamlined website that would organize the company’s features in an intuitive way. The new website offers an overview of Mather & Pitts’ services, driving directions to their three locations, and an array of insurance resources – customers will certainly appreciate their tips on what to do after an accident, filing a claim, and how to weather a natural disaster. 

The website also allows site visitors to connect with Mather & Pitts. Users can easily contact the company to request a quote, inquire after products and services, or discover career options. Interactive media, such as an archive of podcasts, an informative blog, and links to the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages, ensures that users can connect through whichever channels they prefer.  

“Trust is a big part of our business and we wanted to create a place where customers and potential customers could go for clear, no-nonsense information on protecting their families and property,” noted John Solovei, the owner of Mather & Pitts Insurance. “The new site reinforces our commitment to our customers and is a powerful tool with which to deliver on our promises everyday.”

An insurance agency serving greater New England since 1854, Mather & Pitts offers a wide variety of coverage, including auto, boat, health, and home. They also specialize in Church and Synagogue Insurance, and can provide specialty insurance for all your valuables. Visit them today at www.matherandpitts.com. You can also keep up to date and get helpful tips from Mather & Pitts by following them on Facebook.