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Med-Eq's Website Gets an Upgrade

Med-Eq homepage
Med-Eq homepage
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Med-Eq is a free service that specializes in pairing donors of medical supplies and equipment with vetted charities, most of which will use the supplies overseas.

They recently launched a brand new website that provides information on both how to donate and how to receive. The website allows Med-Eq to easily manage the entire process, from a donor submitting an item to a charity receiving it.

"We have been a client of Web Solutions for over 9 years, and continue to enjoy working with them," noted Dr. William Rosenblatt. "This new website simplifies the process for donors and recipients as well as making the entire management process seamless for us. We are very happy with Web Solutions' responsiveness to site modifications that only became obvious after launch and real-world use, and we could not be happier with the final result."

To make a donation or to see what medical supplies are available, visit the new Med-Eq website at www.med-eq.org!