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Montville Takes On the Web

The Town of Montville is pleased to announce the launch of its new municipal website, www.townofmontville.org. A committee of volunteers and town staff were the impetus for developing the site, which features a wide variety of information and resources for both residents and the general public. “The site now enables departments at Town Hall to be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week,” noted Donna Geary, Chair of the committee that worked on the site’s development. “Forms, vital information, links and other resources are now at your fingertips anytime, not just during business hours.” A cornerstone of the new site, redeveloped by Web Solutions, Inc. of Meriden, Connecticut, is a custom content management package that allows designated Town of Montville staff to update content, files, links and images throughout the site. “Our goal is to empower staff at Town Hall,” remarked Lori O’Brien of Web Solutions. “They no longer have to rely on a third party to keep their website as up-to-date as they wish. The ability for the town to feature events, add forms, update fee structures and more means that the site can truly be a viable resource for citizens, prospective residents, tourists and more.”