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New Website Helps EggNots Get Rolling


For families affected by egg allergies, adapting to egg-free meals and products can be a struggle. Often, one of the most difficult times of the year is Easter, when families around the world celebrate by dyeing and decorating eggs. Having seen egg allergies cause her young nieces to miss out on this Easter tradition at home, school, church and scouts, Cheryl Spielman, President of No Corners, LLC, developed the first dyeable egg alternative – EggNots. These inedible ceramic eggs are now sold online via the new EggNots website, developed by Web Solutions.

Launched in January, the website features a clean layout and fresh design, showcasing the product through bright and colorful imagery. Web Solution’s e-commerce platform allows for online sales that are simplified on both the front and back ends, while the CMS system makes content updates and news additions a breeze.

Spielman noted, “We’re very pleased with how inviting and user-friendly the new website is, and we’ve already received a lot of positive feedback! EggNots were developed as an alternative for those with egg allergies, but the potential for using them really is endless, and the site’s imagery does a great job of showcasing that. The product appeals to those with food allergies, vegan families, crafters and hobbyists, and even families looking for a more convenient way to decorate and hide Easter eggs – and we’re looking forward to seeing the website become a resource for all of those audiences!”

EggNots are now available for purchase by the dozen. Visit the new website, www.eggnots.com, to check the product out and take advantage of a limited-time discount on your order!