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Our New Guests

Once again we have changed the wording on what we call the "masthead" at the top of these two columns.

It’s the newspaper term for the arrangement above which lists our publishers, editors and guests. The change is in the names of our guest members.

We welcome for May, June and July: Walter Hylwa and Lori O’Brien.

Walter Hylwa is an architect, practicing in Connecticut since 1962 and well known in Meriden not only for his professional work but also for his interest in conservation and wildlife. He’s a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the School of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

Lori O’Brien is the creative project manager of Web Solutions Inc., a web development firm her husband, Tom Barton, founded in 1996. She has been active in the Boys and Girls Club, the YMCA, the Humane Society, Rotary Club Chamber of Commerce and many other groups. She holds a BS in Family Studies from UConn.

Our guests will meet every Wednesday at noon. This is a change for us: until the last pair of guests we met Wednesday’s at 10 a.m. It appeared that the later hour was more convenient, and so we now gather at mid-day. Our guests join the publisher Eliot White, editorial assistant David Andrews and editorial page editor Allan Church to discuss the news events of the last week. We work from an agenda with brief summaries (often opinionated, to spur discussion) of important news items and we discuss possible stands to adopt. It’s not a taxing occupation and we’re through every session in an hour - but it helps a lot if you read the paper regularly.

Thus far, we’ve enjoyed all the guests we’ve had (Hylwa and Barton are numbers 40 and 41) and we look forward to our time with the latest pair.

Record-Journal editorial