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Successful Marketing for the Web

Web Solutions, Inc. is a Meriden-based web site design and Internet marketing firm that has developed comprehensive, “turnkey” web solutions for clients since 1996. The Web Solutions “1-2-3  philosophy” for creating web sites that are inviting, informative and interactive has been a winning formula for both new web site projects and the revitalization of first generation sites; this philosophy consists of developing and implementing a strategic web site plan for each client that focuses on three key areas: Internet Business, Web Design, and Web Technology.

No matter how dazzling a web site may be, an organization must promote the site to maximize the benefits. One of the biggest fallacies of establishing a web site is the notion that “if you build it, they will come.” It takes continued promotions, both online and off, to build any meaningful traffic to the site.

“I always tell people marketing on the web is the least exact science out there,” admits Lori O’Brien, Web Solutions copywriter and marketing coordinator. She explained, “Search engine marketing is a big industry. There is no crystal clear method for getting yourself marketed.” O’Brien views the inexact science in a positive light adding, “It’s a whole new realm that’s really cool.”

Said the web marketer, “A website is an important tool because it’s probably the most convenient way for clients to find you because they can do it at their own pace – at the job, at home, 24 hours a day. And, web sites are not limited – you’ve got the freedom to put as much information as you want out there.”

O’Brien foretells, “As people become more comfortable with the web, they will use it as their first point of contact.  Your web site is the first line.”

The web is a tool, she said and added, “there’s marketing you have to do on and off-line.” Marketing entails “search engine marketing and tools offline such as putting your website on other vehicles such as on your letterhead.”

She said, “We work with a lot of small to medium-sized businesses that often don’t work with ad agencies. The more support they get, the more successful they will be. They’re just getting their feet wet.”

The majority of inquiries on the Internet begin at a search engine, so this is an extremely important facet of marketing a web site. To appear on a search engine a site must be registered. However, just being registered does not guarantee placement. If you are not in the first few pages of a search result, the chances of your site being visited diminish greatly. Web Solutions can track a client’s web site’s ranking on the major search engines to determine the effectiveness of the promotion plan. The company offers other types of marketing opportunities such as reciprocal links, banner advertisements, user interaction, and off-line promotions.