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TaxBird Launches New Income Tax Residency App for Snowbirds

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TaxBird is a mobile app that tracks how many days users spend in each state for tax purposes. Designed for people with multiple residences, at least one of which is in a high-tax state, TaxBird makes it easy for users to track and prove state residency in case of an audit.

Once downloaded to a smartphone, the app runs in the background, tracking the user’s location in real time and letting them know how many days they have left before they exceed the residency threshold in a state with income tax.

To give snowbirds a place to learn more about the benefits of using TaxBird, Web Solutions built an informational website in its proprietary Content Management System v4, with an overview of features and links to download the app from the App Store.

Web Solutions also came up with the name, logo, colors, icons, and look and feel of the app, and designed promotional print pieces including a postcard, a “phone card,” and trade show display materials.  

Jim Simon and Brian Ochs, who created TaxBird, had worked with Web Solutions on a previous startup, “so we are a repeat customer. That’s a very powerful statement, “ said Simon. “Beyond the final product, we liked the quick turnaround, creative thinking, working within budget, service, communication, and people.”

For more information, visit www.taxbird.com.