Unholtz-Dickie Shakes Things Up with New Website

Unholtz-Dickie Corp.'s New Website!
Unholtz-Dickie Corp.
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Before almost any product is sent into final production, it is vibration tested to see how much shaking it can take before it breaks. Unholtz-Dickie Corp. (UDCO) provides industry-standard solutions for the vibration test industry, with thousands of customers in hundreds of industries in 45 countries.

In its 57-year history, Wallingford, CT-based UDCO has produced vibration shakers used by NASA, designed the first shakers used to test the Boeing 747, and developed vibration test standards for the auto industry still used today. It has shake-tested K-cups to enable a company to save packaging costs by packing more coffee into a smaller container, conducted vibration tests on shampoo bottles that prompted a manufacturer to strengthen the plastic container so fewer bottles would break during transport, and done tests for Harley Davidson to determine how much vibration its motorcycle components can withstand.  

UDCO was looking for a new website that enabled them to better showcase their equipment and capabilities to potential customers, and with a more intuitive organization that made it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for.

Web Solutions built a new site in its WebSolutions Platform v4 Content Management System that is fully responsive, features a modern design that is easy to navigate, and more clearly conveys the company’s capabilities and strengths. A photo gallery features more than three dozen images of its vibration equipment testing everything from airline seats and rockets to railroad lights and defibrillators.  Mike Garofalo, regional manager, said UDCO's favorite features of the new site are the "excellent graphics, easy navigation, and clean, uncluttered look."

"The experience of working with Web Solution far exceeded our expectations," Garofalo added. "All those involved were professional, easy to work with and extremely patient with us, particularly during the site review process. UD is very pleased with the effort by Web Solutions to turn out an outstanding website."

For more information, visit the new site at www.udco.com.