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Web Solutions Powers Tower Generator's New Site

This month, Tower Generator will be giving Connecticut a little extra electricity—in the form of their new web site.

Powered by Web Solutions, the new site is a comprehensive resource which outlines the benefits of backup generators, explains the differences among generator systems, and provides an overview of Tower Generator’s services. Site visitors also have the ability to contact the company, get driving directions, and request a free multi-point home power survey.

Tower Generator

Web Solutions was happy to provide Tower Generator with a web site that would reflect the company’s products and services—simple to use, high in quality, and reliable, just like Tower Generator's backup systems. Chris Atiyeh, owner of Tower Generator, is enthusiastic about the new site’s ability both to help the company reach out to potential clients, and to help customers find them. He commented, “we’re excited to utilize search engine marketing…and to introduce Tower Generator through our web site’s press releases, news articles, and social media.” With convenient tools and strong search engine optimization, the site will undoubtedly connect many prospective customers with Tower Generator, and Atiyeh reports that he is “looking forward to meeting the needs of a new clientele.”

For over 14 years, Connecticut residents and businesses have relied on Tower Generator, the state’s leading full-service power generator system and service provider. Whether their clients are concerned about keeping their families comfortable, keeping medical equipment running uninterrupted, or maintaining business as usual, Tower Generator provides the power of peace of mind.

Learn more about what Tower Generator can do for you—visit their new web site today at www.towergenerator.com.