Geno Auriemma

With 11 NCAA championship titles under his belt, UConn basketball coach Geno Auriemma is a legend both on and off the court.

  • CADC Excellence: Website Design
Geno Auriemma website
Logo Cleanup: Starting with a font treatment from the Geno’s Grille restaurant menu, Web Solutions created a visual identity for the new website. His last name, as well as a circular backdrop suggestive of a basketball, were added.
Geno’s Daybreak & Southside LogosGeno’s Daybreak & Southside Signage
Restaurant Branding & Signage: New restaurant identities were created for Geno’s casino restaurants and Web Solutions created the logos and worked on the signage for the restaurants.
10th Championship Commemorative Wine Label Concepts
Wine Label Concepts: To commemorate the Lady Huskies’ 10th NCAA championship win, Geno’s team asked for wine label design concepts. Web Solutions created these elegant, eye-catching labels that remained true to the Geno Auriemma brand while highlighting the number “10.”
Geno Auriemma website
Website: The official Geno Auriemma website is an entertaining and comprehensive resource on Geno’s many achievements, in basketball and beyond. It also showcases his biography, quotes, and career highlights.
Landing Page - Basketball
Landing Page - Happenings
Landing Page - Restaurants
Landing Page - Wines
Landing Page - Market
Landing Pages: Custom landing pages help to organize a vast amount of information. The “Basketball” page includes a championship timeline, media links, and a “This Month in Connecticut Basketball History” feature. “Happenings” offers both upcoming events and a basketball schedule, while the other 3 pages introduce his restaurants, wines, and line of tomato sauces.