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Geno Auriemma

With 11 NCAA championship titles under his belt, UConn basketball coach Geno Auriemma is a legend both on and off the court.



  • CADC Excellence: Website Design
Geno Auriemma website
Logo Cleanup: Starting with a font treatment from the Geno’s Grille restaurant menu, Web Solutions created a visual identity for the new website. His last name, as well as a circular backdrop suggestive of a basketball, were added.
10th Championship Commemorative Wine Label Concepts
Wine Label Concepts: To commemorate the Lady Huskies’ 10th NCAA championship win, Geno’s team asked for wine label design concepts. Web Solutions created these elegant, eye-catching labels that remained true to the Geno Auriemma brand while highlighting the number “10.”
Geno Auriemma website
Website: The official Geno Auriemma website is an entertaining and comprehensive resource on Geno’s many achievements, in basketball and beyond. It also showcases his biography, quotes, and career highlights.
Landing Page - Basketball
Landing Page - Happenings
Landing Page - Restaurants
Landing Page - Wines
Landing Page - Market
Landing Pages: Custom landing pages help to organize a vast amount of information. The “Basketball” page includes a championship timeline, media links, and a “This Month in Connecticut Basketball History” feature. “Happenings” offers both upcoming events and a basketball schedule, while the other 3 pages introduce his restaurants, wines, and line of tomato sauces.