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Steadfast Friends

A unique product line that offers endless ways to show the world how much you love your dog.



  • CADC Excellence: Website Design
Web design for Steadfast Friends
Website: Designed especially for canine lovers, this site repositions the company’s hand-cut silhouettes as artwork. Used in a fun background and within the site navigation, dogs of all shapes and sizes make the shopping experience as unique as the products.
Custom eCommerce for Steadfast Friends
eCommerce: Web Solutions’ eCommerce platform allows visitors to search the online catalog by product type and by dog breed.
Product packaging for Steadfast Friends
Packaging: As part of the initial store development, packaging artwork for the iPhone cases was developed including bag tags to identify breeds and case colors, bag artwork, and mock phone inserts.
Email marketing for Steadfast Friends
Email: To support email marketing efforts, our design team created custom templates to match the playful feel of the Steadfast Friends website.