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North American Family Institute Launches New Websites for Parent Company and CT

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North American Family Institute (NAFI) is a private nonprofit human services agency specializing in community-based care for children, youth, and adults with emotional and/or behavioral problems.

NAFI provides programming and services designed around the Normative Community Approach, which emphasizes the ability of all people to achieve positive change when they are members of a community united in mission and purpose.

NAFI wanted a new website that was visually appealing, quick to navigate, and easy to follow—a challenge given the complex structure of the organization.

Web Solutions developed a new website for the NAFI parent organization, which operates the corporate office and manages smaller regional programs, as well as a site for NAFI CT, the Connecticut agency.

The corporate website was developed in WordPress, and the Connecticut site was built as a subsite, giving both sites the same look and navigation structure.

Web Solutions also created a custom cross-posting feature that enables NAFI to publish news items to their own website as well as any subsites. In addition, the Careers module allows subsites to publish job listings to their own site as well as the corporate site.

Web Solutions is currently working on several more subsites for additional NAFI/NFI regional organizations, starting with Massachusetts.

For more information, visit the new websites at. www.nafi.com and www.nafict.org.