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The City of Meriden announced the recent launch of its redesigned website, http://www.cityofmeriden.org/. The new site contains much of the same information as the old site with several new features that benefit both the site visitor and municipal staff members. A sleek new interface helps visitors to access information with greater ease and the redesign includes an advanced menu system and page locator to assist the site user when delving into lengthy sections of the site. A new search feature also allows users to take advantage of a mini search engine to quickly access desired information. For City of Meriden staff, the new site offers a custom content management software application that allows staffers to update information throughout the site in a timely manner, ensuring that pertinent city data is kept current and accurate. “The new site is definitely a valuable tool for us,” noted Steve Montemurro, MIS Director for the City of Meriden. “We have gained a great looking site and the ability to update the site quickly and easily.” The new site was developed by Web Solutions, Inc. of Meriden.