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Web Solutions Client FreshBev Named 2016 Innovator of the Year by Business New Haven

New Haven-based FreshBev wants to revolutionize the food industry with their fresh, cold-pressed, unpasteurized, no-sugar-added fruit juices. The company’s unique approach to everything from how they process juice right down to packaging and marketing earned them the 2016 Innovator of the Year award given annually by Business New Haven magazine. The award was announced in the magazine’s February issue.

FreshBev’s RIPE® Craft Bar Juice® brand is the first cold-pressed juice cocktail mixer on the market, offering mixes including margarita, mojito, cranberry and cosmopolitan.

As Michel Boissey, who launched the company in 2009 with partner and childhood friend Ryan Guimond, told Business New Haven, “We’re making really fresh juice, telling exactly what’s in it, who grew it and where it came from.” According to Boissey, “Organic isn’t enough anymore. If I can buy [juice] from a guy down the street versus an organic product from South America, that’s where the market is shifting.”

When this “guy down the street” got started, Web Solutions was there. Web Solutions built the original FreshBev website in 2009, recently updated the site to modernize the design and match the new packaging, and is working on a new website for a related business venture.

Web Solutions is pleased that FreshBev has been honored as the year’s top innovator, and is looking forward to working with the groundbreaking company to keep its online offerings as fresh as its juice.