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Web Solutions Overhauls Its Own Site

Web Solutions, Inc. President and CEO Tom Barton has announced the launch of the company’s new corporate website. “The new site is the end result of an extensive collaborative effort put forth by the entire Web Solutions team,” he stated. “It showcases the level of talent we have on staff and each team member’s passion for his or her craft.”

The site was developed around the company’s new corporate identity (recently trademarked) and incorporates design elements found in both natural and architectural structures. “The imagery used on our website pulls from elements and structures that are both organic and man-made to aesthetically represent how design can captivate and invoke an Internet traveler,” remarked Creative Director Rob Niedojadlo.

Web Solutions’ new site has also been restructured to include an expanded menu of service offerings, an enhanced employment area and the new “Webfolio” section, which showcases featured clients in an online portfolio setting. “It is exciting to have our own site be an accurate reflection of the quality of work that we are putting forth for our clientele,” noted Mr. Barton. “As with all of our projects, this upgrade has helped us all to hone our skills and exceed our goals. We are all very satisfied with the end result.”