For over 40 years, food service sales and marketing company Viola Group has set the standard for food service market experience and commercial equipment expertise.

  • Excellence Award: Website Design
  • American Graphic Design Award: Website Design
  • Merit Award: Website Design
Brand identity for Viola GroupViola Group logo alternates
Logo Development: After a series of font exploration exercises, Web Solutions developed a new type treatment logo in a bold, contemporary font that is strong and simple, making for a high-end brand mark.
Business Cards for Viola Group
Business Cards: Using the new logo, Web Solutions created bold business cards for a professional, contemporary way to both deliver contact information and represent the brand.
 Viola Group Website
Website: Viola’s new website is bold and contemporary, making a strong statement about the food service marketing group’s experience and quality products. A streamlined navigation puts emphasis on the information sought by new and existing customers.