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Top Digital Marketing Tactics for Manufacturing

The average cost per B2B lead for a trade show is $240, compared to $100 for leads generated by a website.

Marketing for manufacturers used to mean trade shows, conferences, print catalogs, and an entry in the "big green books." Today, as more and more potential clients turn to the internet for research before making a purchase decision, digital marketing is an essential component of every manufacturer’s overall marketing strategy. Even if you already have a strong presence in your vertical, effective digital marketing can take your success to the next level.

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How Custom Photography Can Upgrade Your Online Image

Upgrade your website with Custom Photography

If you’ve ever visited a website and seen a strangely familiar face, you’re not alone. Many websites use stock photos, because they’re easy and relatively cheap (or even free). But they’re also impersonal, overused, and don’t represent your brand.

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Why Measuring Your Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

There was a time when marketing was more art than science. With no real way to tell whether a snazzy brochure, a cute jingle or a striking logo actually generated business, marketers used to rely on their gut about what was working, with very little data to back those feelings up.

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How To Create A Great Manufacturing Website

As a manufacturing company, you need a website that clearly exhibits your innovation and technological expertise to inspire prospects to contact to your sales team. Whether you’re designing a new website or making user-focused updates to your existing site, these tips will help you turn your website into a powerful marketing tool.

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